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Axio Back Packs

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If you’re looking for a stylish laptop backpack that’s both eco-friendly and breathable, check out Axio’s range of axio back packs. The Axio Fuse is the company’s largest hard-shell offering. The Fuse is designed to carry large, thick Wintel laptops and features adjustable chest straps. Weighing just 1.5 pounds, this backpack is made to carry the heaviest of laptops.

Axio back packs have a low-profile design

The Axio back packs are easy to conceal when not in use. Aside from their low-profile design, they also feature a detachable nylon cell-phone pouch. Unlike the cell phone cases that you buy for $20 at the mall kiosk, the pouch can be clipped onto your belt or left in your locker during the day. Another nice feature of the Axio back pack is its brightly colored back pad, which may bleed onto your clothes when wet. As such, washing this backpack with warm water and a gentle cleaning product is advised.

The Axio back pack’s internal dividers help keep your laptop from sliding. The laptop compartment also contains a pocket for a cell phone and an iPod. You can’t control these devices through the thick padding of the bag, so an external organizer would be useful. Axio’s padded pouch is also useful for holding a notebook computer, which is often larger than a standard PDA.

Axio back packs made of environmentally-friendly materials

The Axio back pack is an environmentally friendly backpack that has numerous benefits, including adjustable, padded shoulder straps and interior tablet sleeve. The company uses environmentally friendly materials in its manufacturing process, ensuring that every product does its part in helping to protect our planet. GULU back packs are made in Uganda, where women were trained in sewing after the civil war. This location has few employment opportunities, but GULU opted to invest in the region. Additionally, GULU products are backed by a lifetime warranty, which reflects its belief that bags should last for as long as the wearer. Cotopaxi back packs are named after the famous active volcano in the Andes. Its mission is to do good by protecting our planet.

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Some backpacks are made of recycled materials. Patagonia’s Black Hole line uses 100 percent recycled fabric. Likewise, Eagle Creek uses recycled PVB (a type of plastic made from car windshields), and Jansport’s daypacks are made from recyclable polyester fabrics. They also produce their products using a minimum amount of energy and water. In addition, Patagonia bags use recycled materials and are fair trade.

Axio back packs have adjustable chest straps

Axio backpacks have adjustable chest straps to fit a variety of sizes and types of people. The Fuse model features a hard outer shell, while most of the other Axio models have soft, textile sides that can easily damage a laptop in the event of a fall. This means that you’ll have to decide which size fits you the best and which one you’ll use most.

For added comfort and support, the Kriega R25 backpack has adjustable chest straps. These straps feature a four-point harness. It’s made of Cordura and has different layers of material behind it. The shoulder straps are covered in foam padding while the middle strap is made of a fine, textured rubber-like material. The straps have an aluminum sliding adjuster at the lower part of the backpack.

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