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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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SpaceX Starship: Elon Musk Says Booster Damages are Minor, Orbital Flight Next Month

The first test of the Booster 7 Raptor 2 engines will be the first step toward orbital flight of the SpaceX Starship. This will...

NASA Perseverance: Sand Transport on Mars Now Under Investigation

NASA's Perseverance rover is currently roving across Jezero and exploring the Delta Front in campaign #2. In this area, scientists hope to find evidence...

China Develops World’s Largest Asteroid Radar System

  Chinese space scientists are developing the World's largest asteroid radar system. This deep-space radar system would cover the full Earth-Moon system, including the Moon,...

NASA TESS Discovers Two New Huge Extrasolar Planets

In its first published paper, NASA's TESS mission has discovered two new massive extrasolar planets. These two new planets are named TOI-125 and TOI-1338...

The First Dormant Black Hole Outside Our Galaxy Discovered by the Black Hole P Survey

The First Dormant, Or X-ray Quiet, BH outside our galaxy has been discovered by the Black-Hale-P-A survey. Its name comes from its lack of...

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