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Customer Engagement Marketing: A New Strategy for the Economy

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What is customer engagement and why is it necessary for today’s economy? A recent survey by Deloitte suggests that 80% of all customers expect some level of personalization. The customer experience is the process of getting something from a company, from browsing to purchasing. It includes all interactions that occur throughout the purchase journey, from shopping to paying to checking out. Even communication during cart recovery is an important part of the customer engagement process.

Customer Engagement Marketing A New Strategy for the Economy




Personalization is key to delivering a high-quality customer experience. The goal of personalization in customer engagement marketing is to create a relationship between the brand and the consumer. In essence, personalized marketing is an effort to understand the expectations of the customer and then deliver tailored content based on that information. Personalization works best when it’s done several moves ahead of the customer’s journey. Here are three examples of effective personalization campaigns:

Consumers prefer interacting with brands when they have a choice. One example of a successful personalization campaign was the Coca-Cola company’s Share a Coke campaign, which replaced the iconic brand name with the names of American consumers. This strategy allowed customers to share the beverage with loved ones, thereby resulting in successful marketing with almost no cost. Consumers prefer personalized experiences and messages, and this makes it all the more important for brands to invest in such personalized campaigns.


In customer engagement marketing, relevance is key to getting the most out of your customer relationships. While a clever marketing campaign can attract attention, it will not achieve its objectives if the customer is not motivated by a need you have met. Aiming to be relevant can increase your brand’s engagement with customers and attract the attention of their friends and family. But what if you don’t know where to start? This article will explain how to make your customer engagement marketing relevant to your business’s goals.

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While some customers engage with a brand out of convenience, others engage in the brand because it is relevant to their lives. For example, a radio ad may reach a customer during lunch break. But these kinds of engagements aren’t as sustainable as those driven by relevance. Relevancy will inspire your customers to seek out your product, and that will lead to higher sales. In customer engagement marketing, relevance means designing your customer journey around the needs of your customers.


In customer engagement marketing, contextualization plays an essential role. It helps businesses create more personalized experiences and predict customer intent better. By gathering data on customers across multiple touchpoints, a business can target and create a personalized marketing strategy. Contextualization can also be used to create new products and services for existing customers. Ultimately, contextualization can lead to better customer experiences. However, it must be done correctly.

Consumers expect useful and relevant marketing materials. To use contextual marketing effectively, you must collect the right data about your customers. For small businesses, a CRM tool can help you collect this information. By gathering customer data, you can target customers in the most meaningful way. It is affordable and simple to implement. It will help you build a better relationship with your customers. This will lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention. In turn, it will improve your sales revenue.


Technology can help teams implement customer engagement strategies. Amazon and Netflix both use artificial intelligence to offer recommendations tailored to their viewers or customers. These brands use data from customer relationships to provide “We think you’ll like” options. These technologies enable teams to personalize the customer experience and measure customer engagement. These technologies will help brands create more relevant content for their audiences, maintain loyal customers, and improve brand loyalty. For more information on customer engagement, read our guide to innovation in customer engagement marketing.

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Customer engagement innovation is the process of transforming leads into paying customers. Modern engagement platforms automate repetitive tasks by building a personalised experience. By addressing common concerns, these platforms can assign roles quickly. Furthermore, they can give insights into the activity of each customer account, allowing teams to re-target potential customers and streamline the buying process. Customers who engage with a company regularly are more likely to buy again. Thus, companies should invest in customer engagement technologies.

Executive-level alignment

Executive-level alignment in customer engagement marketing is the ultimate goal of every company’s digital strategy. Without this, no amount of data-driven personas or analytics will help you reach your marketing goals. To create a seamless customer experience, a company’s internal processes must be integrated, bi-directional, and aligned with the marketing strategy. In addition to these, business process management must be implemented to ensure that no data is wasted.

As Charles Darwin once observed, “Change is uncomfortable.” Each person experiences change differently. As a result, it requires a journey to establish new rules, processes, and structures. To create alignment, stakeholders must have a clear understanding of the current state and a business case for change. Once they have their buy-in, the strategy can be implemented. But it requires the support of the entire organization. It is difficult to achieve alignment unless everyone is committed to the same goals.

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