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Gumdrop Headphones Review

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If you are looking for a pair of gumdrop headphones, you have come to the right place. This review will give you an overview of the price, size, and features of these cute headphones. Listed below are some tips for buying these headphones. You can also read our review of the DropTech Beta Headphones to know more about them. Designed for students, these headphones have twistable non-break headbands and durable ear pads. With no need for installation, these headphones are durable enough to withstand falls of four feet.

Features of gumdrop headphones

The Gumdrop headphones are foldable and feature excellent sound quality and an integrated microphone. The microphone helps you take calls and allows you to control various multimedia functions. This foldable headphone comes in three fluor colours: red, yellow and blue. There is no need to buy a separate headset for this function. You can use one to listen to music, answer calls, control multimedia functions, or just listen to your music. The foldable design also makes them easy to store and transport.

Gumdrop headphones are made specifically for K-12 schools, so they are perfect for testing students and are built to withstand the rigors of the school environment. They are also extremely durable, offering the perfect combination of durability and pristine audio at a great price. You can also choose from three different fluor colours to suit your needs. And because they are designed to be folded, you can easily store them in any room.

Price of gumdrop headphones

MySmartPrice provides the latest prices of headphones online and offline. The site also has helpful tools for price comparison and features, helping you find the perfect headphones. Prices listed on MySmartPrice are the lowest prices available across all stores. They may vary depending on where you live. The price you see will include the bill and warranty. However, you should always compare prices before making a purchase. You should check the brand, size, and other features before you decide on the right headphones.

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