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How 39 Major Brands Are Using Instagram Stories to Achieve Their Goals

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If you’re interested in engaging your audience on Instagram, you should explore how the major brands are using Instagram Stories to achieve their goals. They are the perfect place to share behind-the-scenes footage of a product launch or redirect your followers to a blog or website. Plus, they’re a distraction-free canvas for interacting with your followers. However, before you start using stories to drive traffic to your business’s site, read this article to learn about the best practices.

Brands should make full use of Instagram’s roster of features

For a thriving marketing strategy, brands should take advantage of Instagram’s new roster of features. While it can be overwhelming to keep up with the constant stream of new features, brands should understand the benefits of each tool. For example, new features such as caption stickers are a game changer for Instagram stories. These tools allow brands to engage with influencers and make powerful announcements. However, the content posted on each profile must match the brand voice.

In addition to a story, brands should take advantage of Instagram’s latest feature, Story Highlights. This feature lets users add expired Stories to a featured category, which is displayed above their feed. This feature is a great way to highlight key Instagram content and the brand’s story. Similarly, brands can take advantage of Instagram Shopping to create short videos and engage with their audience. This feature works especially well for companies with products they sell.

Instagram Stories are a great way to engage with their audience

A new study by Instagram found that nearly half of businesses are using Instagram stories to engage with their audience. Despite its popularity, these stories still have some challenges. In order to engage your audience, you must first understand how stories work. The format works in a similar way to a video, except the content is much smaller. The most important rule of thumb is to post at least one story a day, and no more. You can also use a link in the story to a longer video on IGTV.

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Instagram stories are particularly powerful when used for product promotion. A study by Klear found that two-thirds of businesses using stories for business use focus on product promotion, with another third hosting influencer takeovers or featuring life events and “how-to” stories. Furthermore, 96% of US marketers plan to continue using Instagram stories for their businesses in the future. With so many benefits, brands should consider using them to promote their products and engage with their audience.

They can redirect users to a blog

As a social media marketer, you should research how to use Instagram Stories for your business. You should consider the content you will include in your Stories and decide whether to direct users to your blog or to an app. For example, you can promote a product, do an influencer takeover, or provide content for fans. The content you post should match your brand image. If you’re looking to engage more followers on Instagram, consider using Stories to promote your fan base.

They are a distraction-free canvas

The growing trend of using stories to share content has many benefits for businesses. Stories make full use of the mobile screen, making them the perfect canvas for creative branding. By incorporating an interactive polling sticker and call-to-action copy, businesses can capture an audience that is free from distractions. Chameleon Cold-Brew used stories to increase brand awareness by 3.3X. The company adapted its pre-written articles and used a call-to-action copy to engage their audience.

They are a powerful selling tool

In an effort to attract new customers, businesses can use Instagram Stories as a powerful selling tool. The platform allows businesses to create and manage unique stories. These stories can be customized to promote a specific product or service. Brands can use Instagram Stories to generate sales leads and drive traffic to their website. Users can create stories in the Creative Hub or Ads Manager. Each story has its own creative parameters.

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Brands that have engaged audiences can create captivating and unique content for Instagram stories. While some marketers are still unclear on how to use Instagram Stories, a recent study by HubSpot found that 46% of marketers are already using this feature. In fact, 55% of marketers plan to increase their investments in Instagram Stories through 2022. While it is important to understand the features of the platform, this can help businesses create compelling stories.

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