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How Nancy Reagan Gave Glamour and Class to the White House

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If there’s one thing that has made Mrs. Reagan one of America’s most memorable first ladies, it is her taste for style. From her charitable work to her West Coast taste, there is no other president who can claim to be as stylish and protective as Nancy Reagan. But if you’re wondering how Mrs. Reagan managed to achieve this, here are some of Her best moves:

Nancy Reagan’s style

The Style of Nancy Reagan in the White House embodies a certain elegance and style that typifies the Reagan family. Despite her petite stature, Nancy is a perfect size two and wore dresses and suits from Adolfo. She danced at her husband’s first Inauguration and the second, wearing a black lace mantilla to meet Pope John Paul II. Her fun personality and sense of style are unmistakable, and she seemed to have fun at the yearly Maison Blanche gala, coordinating a dance with John Travolta and Princess Diana at the state dinner.

While serving as First Lady under President Ronald Reagan, Nancy was a fierce ambassador for American style. She borrowed a page from Jacqueline Kennedy’s playbook, favoring vibrant colors such as the signature Reagan red and gleaming white. Despite her diminutive stature, Reagan managed to wear high-end designs and colors that were perfect for her role as First Lady. As a fashion icon, she was known for her impeccable taste and the way she carried herself in the White House.

Her charitable work

As the first lady of the United States in 1981, Nancy had a special project to fight drug abuse in children. She traveled nearly two hundred thousand miles to promote the problem, taped public service announcements, wrote guest articles, and visited prevention and rehabilitation centers. Nancy’s efforts helped to raise public awareness of the problem and prompted many young women to seek help. Although she is best known for her charitable work, she was also a philanthropist and her personal style added a touch of glamour to the White House.

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After restoring the White House, Nancy Reagan and Ted Graber spent nine months redecorating the private quarters. They used $800,000 in donated funds to add new bathrooms, and repurposed antique furniture from the White House’s storage facilities. Architectural Digest published a lavish 18-page spread about the newly redecorated, chintz-filled quarters in December 1981. The photos provided the public with an unprecedented glimpse into the private life of a president.

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