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Luca Manhwa – The Princess of ‘Taran’

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If you’re wondering what Luca Manhwa is all about, read on to learn more about the female protagonist of the drama series ‘Taran’. This bubbly character has the requisite bubbly personality to make the male lead love her. The film features a series of twists and turns that will leave you hooked from the very first scene. We’ll also take a look at some of her most memorable moments from the series.

Luca manhwa is a Lady of the House Taran

Lucia was born into a royal family but did not know she was a princess until she entered the palace when her mother died. She dreams about her future and was auctioned off to the highest bidder at the age of 19 but was unable to make her wish come true. After years of miserable life, she awoke from her dream and set out to change her destiny. She still has plenty of time to do so.

She is the mother of the male lead

In ‘Lucia Manhwa,’ the mother of the male lead has the role of a villain. However, she is actually a good mother to the male lead. She teaches her son, El, how to behave and she jumps on the bed with the kids when Yuta tells her to do so. Lucia, meanwhile, is 700 years old. Lucia’s mother is the only named male character in the manga, and the male lead’s father has yet to be mentioned.

Lucia grew up unaware of her royalty and entered the palace when her mother died. However, she saw her entire future in a dream and was auctioned off for the highest dowry. Lucia has lived a miserable life ever since. But when she dreams of a king who will marry her, she wakes up and meets the ‘Black Lion of War’. Their marriage contract begins.

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The two main characters, Hugo and Lucia, start to fall in love when they meet. The male lead spends a lot of money on Lucia, and Lucia is a big fan of Hugo. Hugo is so fond of Lucia that he makes many efforts to buy her items. Eventually, he ends up sending her yellow roses. She had told Hugo before that if he lost his head to him, he would send her a yellow rose.

Lucia Manhwa is the mother to the male lead, but she is not the only mother to the male. The other mother, Rie, is also a mother, though she isn’t the most prominent character in the series. She is a shipper, and she has feelings for both the male and the female lead. She is the mother to the male lead, and is the main character’s love interest.

She is a bubbly personality

Unlike other characters in the series, Lucia Manhwa has a bubbly personality and mature thinking. She reads novels and is an avid fan of Norman’s works. Lucia is a bubbly personality who is shy but loving. She was dubbed the “Lady of House Taran” when she married Norman. She never complained and requested anything from her husband, Norman.

After her father’s death, Lucia gained superhuman strength, speed, endurance, durability, and knowledge. While she is removed from the turmoil in her kingdom, she finds a place for magic in her life. When the crown prince asks her to join the Sacred Maiden, she agrees to help him save the kingdom. In addition, she finds a male best friend in Rihito’s younger brother.

She takes a leap of faith to change her future

“Lucia Manhwa takes a leap..” is a story about a woman who makes a bold decision to change her life. The story begins in the future when a young woman named Lucia realizes that her life will be a miserable one, and decides to change her future. This future princess story can range from progressive to blatant misogynistic, depending on the author’s preference. Nonetheless, this story is the worst because it stresses the importance of submissiveness.

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As the sixteenth princess of the kingdom, Lucia is a woman who can see into her future. She has a vivid dream that predicts that she will marry the most terrible man in the kingdom. Lucia’s only chance to change her destiny lies in a contract marriage with the dreaded Duke Hugo Taran, a notorious womanizer. Her contract marriage with Hugo could change the course of her destiny, but it also has unexpected consequences.

Despite the fact that she has a son, Hugo’s sexual violence toward Lucia is still viewed as respectable. Hugo maintains control of the relationship and only makes small allowances to Lucia. Moreover, she feels uncomfortable and alone. She feels that she is forced to stay in the marriage because of her dowry and financial responsibilities. Nevertheless, Lucia manages to change her future by taking a leap of faith.

While there are countless other women who are educated and able to advance in life, few women are privileged enough to receive the same education as men. Women in poor communities are often unable to get an education, and servitude is the only way to survive. Lucia is a rare exception, as she is treating her maids fairly and trying to avoid any fights.

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