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Minecraft is Keeping NFTs Out of the Gaming World

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If you are looking for a fun and safe gaming experience, then Minecraft might be the game for you. The company is very anti-NFT and is pushing for a safe and inclusive gaming environment. NFTs are “scarce digital assets” and are not welcome outside of the game. The company has a few reasons for disapproving NFTs in the game. Here are a few of them:


Mojang Studios, the makers of the popular PC game Minecraft, announced today that they would no longer allow any players to use the blockchain and NFTs on their servers. This ban will have an impact on some blockchain gaming projects more than others, but it does not directly affect Minecraft itself. In an announcement on the official Minecraft website, Mojang explained that they do not like the use of third-party NFTs and NFT Worlds in the game.

Despite these recent controversies, Mojang has not confirmed if they plan to integrate the official blockchain technology into Minecraft. Several other video game companies, including Nintendo, Konami, and Sega, have publicly stated that they are interested in the technology, but Ubisoft Entertainment and Team17 Group have canceled their plans. The reason behind this move could be that the game maker is trying to protect the integrity of its brand and not allow unsavory companies to use its IP.


Many people are confused by the term ‘NFTs’. They are tokens that allow people to purchase virtual items outside of the game, and the influx of outside funds disrupts the gaming economy. Outside purchasing of game tokens makes it possible for people to ‘pay to win,’ meaning that they can do better in the game by spending more money. While this may benefit the gaming company, it does not make the game balanced.

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Currently, the video game industry is looking into cross-game use of NFTs. This would allow players to continue to use the items they’ve acquired in one game, such as unique shovels from Minecraft. This could have a profound effect on gameplay and storyline, and the video game industry is closely watching developments in this space. But is this really a good thing for gamers?

Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based entertainment holding company, is introducing blockchain technology into video games. Many gamers have become distrustful of video games that rip off their money without giving anything in return. Many games charge users for upgrades and additional assets without giving anything back. By integrating blockchain technology into gaming, they can give gamers exactly what they want from their money. And they’re also bringing new ways to monetize in-game assets, such as coins, to make these games more exciting.

Animoca Brands was founded by Yat Siu, who worked as a programmer for Atari. Its history spans mobile gaming, licensed IP, and blockchain gaming. In recent years, the company has diversified into the metaverse, virtual reality, and NFT worlds. After acquiring The Sandbox, Animoca has grown into many different arenas, including virtual reality (VR) and play-to-earn games. Animoca Brands has raised over $ 360 million in venture capital investments and is valued at $ 5.4 billion. Animoca Brands was previously listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Shima Capital

The NFT, or Nft for short, is a digital currency that represents ownership of an asset, such as a virtual land. There are over 10,000 different Worlds in Minecraft, and each one has its own distinct appearance. A single NFT can be worth more than $14.5 Ethereum, or $38,150. Microsoft acquired the developer Mojang Studios in 2014 and the game is now a global phenomenon with over 130 million users monthly.

In the last three months, a total of $1.2 billion has been invested in NFT-based gaming projects. According to a new report by DrakeStar, the most recent of which was published on April 21st, the largest investors in NFT gaming include Animoca Brands, Shima Capital, and FTX. This represents just over half of the gaming financing deals in the last year.

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One of the most popular crypto exchanges is making a move into gaming. The company is launching a new division that will operate under its US branch, and will work to drive wider adoption of digital assets such as crypto. Its mission is to be the first major crypto exchange to create an exclusive gaming division. But is it really worth it? The company’s new division may turn out to be more than a money-making machine.

While Microsoft may be trying to build a presence in the gaming world, it is still having a difficult time finding the right partners. Despite the recent success of cryptocurrency, it has been hard to gain the trust of gamers. FTX has been struggling to attract fans and has had to rely on other forms of advertising. For example, it ran ads during the Super Bowl, but fans were not impressed. Despite this, FTX has gone on to become one of the world’s biggest private crypto exchanges. In fact, it raised $400 million in a funding round in January 2022. By 2022, FTX claims to be the third largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.

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