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Sadistic Beauty – Side Story by Woo Yunhee

Must read

The story of Sadistic Beauty: Side Story revolves around the lives of a famous young actress and a rich sadist. After a number of unpleasant encounters with a wealthy sadist, Chun Duna becomes the object of Professor Byun Minho’s obsession. Ultimately, she decides to become the next wealthy sadist. But what happens to her temper under her watchful eye? Is it worth pursuing?


This manga is a definite must-read for fans of lesbians. There’s just something about the title, and I’m very excited to read the sequel! This story has everything that I love about lesbian romance, including lesbian fanservice. Doona Sadistic Beauty is an enthralling read, and I hope to see it on DVD! Read this review to get the scoop on the latest novel!

The story of Doona Sadistic Beauty is a wonderful journey into the hearts of young women everywhere. We follow the adventures of a beautiful young actress and a rich sadist. In addition, we follow the lives of a famous psychologist named Byun Minho. His obsession with Chun Duna makes him want to chase his own dreams, but the two do not get along. The premise of the story is simple: two people whose lives are intertwined become a sexy couple.

Doona Sadistic Beauty can be read online and in print. It’s a sad story about a college professor with a troubled past who meets a wealthy, powerful sadist and learns about his disturbing experience. The story follows his encounter with a shy student named Woo Haesol and the sexy Chun Duna. Ultimately, the professor finds a way to turn pain into pleasure.

Doona’s sadistic ways

Doona is the dominant roommate in the novel. She is sadistic and bossy. It is hard to imagine a man who would be happy to have her as a roommate. Her sadistic ways are not surprising given her desire to write a book. Doona is a good partner for consensual sex, but she would rather humiliate you in public. Her sadistic ways make for a long read.

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Tempers flare under the watchful eye of a sadistic beauty

The manga series ‘Sadistic Beauty’ by Woo Yunhee is about a seductive, sadistic beauty who turns the tables on two men. Professor Byun Minho, a male chauvinist, and student Woo Haesol, a timid girl. During their encounter, Tempers Flare is a drama filled with sexual tension, and some parts of it will make you sick. If you like Romance and Drama stories, this manga is worth a look.

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